In Cedric's ShopEdit

Max will come into Cedric's Shop all wet to ears.He shows his ticket for Flotsam's Circus Trope.Cedric will be wondering if his dad will let him.Max tells him yes.Cedric sees a red stone on Max's neck named The Red Atlamillia and ask him about it and what it is.This stone has been given to Max by his father and he must carry for it.It's really rare.Here you start the game.Find anything you can in Cedric's Shop.You may find Wrench and Notebook.Once you are ready go to the strange bag item and press X to view the event.Max will start repairing the item.

The red-haired boyEdit

Max will go to the circus's entrance and give his ticket to the Clown.Then a red-haired boy will appear and steal your ticket.Ask the people for him.After that a long event will be showing.Get back to the circus entrance and give the ticket to the Clown.Then you will see a long event.Off course you can skip it.Just press the Start button and Triangle to skip.