Monica is a Princess from the future that accompanies Max on his adventures. She possesses the Blue atlamillia, which allows her to travel from the Future to the Past.


Monica OverviewEdit

In the very beginning of the game, you see monica running through the hall in a stylish dress, when she is attacked by some weird creatures (Later recognized as Griffon Soldiers). Desperate to defend herself, she grabs a sword of a statue and the fun begins. This is where the player learns how to play the game.

Monica then runs to her father, King Rabrant's, room and see's that he's been assassinated by a man with tan skin, white hair, and cool clothes. This man is later known as Gaspard.

Monica is the Red Haired Girl that max meets up with. it's never fully explained how she is able to transform herself like this, and why she never uses this tactic again.

Monica also comes into her true form when max is about to be killed by Flotsam. she manages to take him out, and then explains what's happening in her time to max. Basically, Griffon is changing things in the future from the past to jurastically change the future. get it?

Monica meets up with Gaspard a few times in the game. She wants to take him down for killing her Father.

Now that her Father is dead and her mother is never heard of, Monica now has control over the army against Griffon. She needs Max's help, however.

In chapter 7, monica leaves to go back to the future, but she returns in chapter 8 using a Starglass. since she no longer has the Atlamillia, she's now stuck in the past, which is something monica is willing to do for max. because of this, there are some speculations that Monica is in love with max.

Monica's Fighting StyleEdit

Monica uses Swords and Magic, with her strongest sword being the Island King, and her strongest armband being the Five Star Armlet. However, it is arguable what her strongest sword is, but the Island Kins is the only one with 500 max attack power. Monica's battle strategy is similar to max's: go up to an enemy and mash the X button. Her ability to use Magic Absorbsion through her sword is far better than her armband.

While Monica is the first character the player plays as, max tends to be the character the player uses more often, as He/she has used him for a longer period of time: one full dungeon.

It's arguable about which character is superior when it comes to fighting but a lot of expirienced players would say Monica is a better choice.