Cedric from Dark Cloud 2.

Cedric is working in his shop and also commands the Blackstone One.Max often helps him.Cedric is also the creator of Steve The Ridepod.He is unplayable character,but you can add him in your party after the events whit Flostam's P-3000.
Skill points:64
He has the following abilities:

At Blackstone OneEdit

  • Repair robot parts (repairs the Ridepod's weapons and refuels the pack)
  • Upgrade the core (buy ridepod parts for exchange of EXP)

In your partyEdit

NOTE:Using Cedric's abilities in your party will cost his skill points.

  • Repair weapons (costs 12 skill points.)
  • Repair arms (costs 18 skill points.)
  • Refuel (costs 64 skill points,which fully tires Cedric)